It's hard to imagine a "Google-free" existence. A significant amount of our daily life being augmented by Google products and it's a search engine. Even when imagining a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and whatnot, we expect Google to be there to answer any questions! But, have you ever thought What if there were no Google?

This is the mother of all what-ifs. It’s a post-apocalyptic situation people don't even want to think about. And that is precisely why we must consider it. Given how Google-centric our life is, what would happen to us and the virtual world if this behemoth disappears tomorrow?

Communication Black Hole

Not everyone uses Gmail or Google Docs in their daily life. In Russia, people are fond of Yandex mail and their productivity suite. However, a huge chunk of the world population, especially the business world does depend on Google suit for their daily living. So, if somehow people are not able to log in to Gmail or Google docs, what will happen? Well, the answer is a total economic chaos. Information is what helps businesses moving. And if the continuous data flow is disrupted, then business and people will suffer.

A boring place to hang around

When you want to see a funny cat video or cool DIY, where do you go? For most people, the answer would be YouTube. It's one of the most used and largest video sharing platforms owned by Search engine behemoth Google. YouTube gives people a chance to earn by doing what they love. If suddenly Google turned off its switch, YouTube will cease from existence and millions will get affected. And besides this, have you ever thought how boring it would be the online life without YouTube? The only alternative we believe at this moment is Vimeo.

No new adventure

With the disappearance of the search giant, we will get lost. I mean literally, we will get lost! Have you ever thought of going somewhere new without Google Maps? Probably not. Google Maps has changed the way people travel and go out in adventure. Besides this, many cab services and other location-based businesses use Google Map API to serve their customers. If there's no Google, there's no Google Map. This means, you do not know where is the best hotel, where you can buy cool sunglasses, where's the best restaurant is and you can't call your Uber after-party either. So life will get lost! Fortunately, Yandex map will still be there!

Many sectors will see a significant slowdown:

Millions of websites depend on Googles' Angular framework. Most of them use Google's cloud service or other tools to fetch information. The disappearance of Google means, these websites will stop working. And that means about 30% of the entire worlds' website! Developers will find a hard time to replace the tools. We will lose the most beloved browser chrome. The most used OS is Android will stop working and other devices of this ecosystem will follow the same sad demise. Google’s autonomous vehicle project will be no more, but it’s worse than the Yandex project! So people won't care about it though.

Grieving Google

The fact is if Google disappeared will completely change the way we live right now. Yes, it would be difficult to live without having Goggles' convenience. However, the disappearance of Google will give others a chance to develop something fresh and new. Maybe better than Google itself? After-all, there’s always a dawn after darkness.