According to sources of "RIA Novosti" and "Interfax" in law enforcement agencies, Anastasia Yeshenko was killed from the edge of a small-bore rifle. Earlier, the media wrote that they could shoot her without specifying the source of information

Anastasia Yeshchenko, a graduate of St. Petersburg State University, whose murder is suspected of an associate professor of the university, historian Oleg Sokolov, died from a gunshot wound. This was reported by "RIA Novosti" and "Interfax" with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies.

“Graduate student and roommate Sokolova Anastasia Yeshchenko was killed at about 2:00 on November 8 from the edge of a small-bore rifle. The incident occurred after a quarrel between Sokolov and Yeshchenko, ”the source told Interfax.

He claims that after the murder, Sokolov decided to dismember the body. During a search at the scientist’s house, a sawn-off shotgun was discovered, from which, according to investigators, a girl was shot dead, and about fifty rounds of ammunition.

Moreover, according to the source of RIA Novosti, the girl died from a gunshot wound on November 7. Earlier, the publication wrote about Yeshchenko’s death from a gunshot wound from a small-caliber sawn-off shotgun without reference to a source of information. According to the Telegram channel "112", we are talking about the TOZ-17 rifle.

Associate professor of St. Petersburg State University, historian Oleg Sokolov, is suspected of eschek murder. On November 9, he was detained on the embankment of the Moika River in St. Petersburg, when a man tried to drown a backpack with two female hands cut off. In his apartment, other parts of the body of the murdered girl were discovered. The investigative committee opened a criminal case on the murder and asked to arrest Sokolov. The suspect’s lawyer told RBC that Sokolov had issued a confession.