According to The Mirror, the MI5 Counterintelligence Service conducted an operation to protect parliamentarians from cyber attacks. Johnson was previously accused of hiding a report on Kremlin interference in London.

The British counterintelligence service MI5 conducted a secret operation to protect the phones of deputies of the House of Commons from the actions of Russian hackers. It is reported by The Mirror, citing its own sources.

Warnings were given to members of parliament after it was discovered that some phone numbers had been subjected to cyber attacks. According to the publication, for the duration of the operation, the deputies were forbidden to use their personal phones and computers.

In addition, politicians who have been hacked have been advised not to raise hacking issues at meetings. According to one of the parliamentarians, he was informed that a “concerted attempt was made to break into my bank accounts from another state.”

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused of deliberately refusing to give permission to publish a report that examined Russia's interference in British politics, including financing the Conservative Party and the impact on the results of the 2016 Brexit referendum. The parliament’s intelligence and security committee was originally supposed to publish the report on November 4, but the publication was postponed until the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 12.