The head of "Rosano" Anatoly Chubais called juggling the use of his quote from the movie "Death of the Empire"

The head of Rusnano, Anatoly Chubais, commented on his statements about life in the USSR that were made in Alexei Pivovarov’s documentary film The Death of an Empire. According to him, the phrase was taken out of context, the agency RIA Novosti reported, citing a representative of Chubais.

“This is a distortion of the facts, the phrase taken out of context from the film 6 years ago,” the head of Rusnano said.

The film "The death of the empire," created in 2013, was previously posted on YouTube. In one of the fragments, the author spoke about the "Brezhnev stagnation", in which there were "no prospects, but no repressions." “At this point, the whole country, with the exception of several hundred thousand idiots, understood that it was built on lies, from beginning to end,” Chubais commented.


The head of Rusnano also said that in his life there was nothing more disgusting than the late Soviet regime. In his opinion, it was she who was guilty of the fact that people had a "reluctance to work." “The essence of Soviet power. An idiot is working, ”Chubais added.

Anatoly Chubais has repeatedly criticized the Soviet economic system. For example, in September 2017, commenting on the scandal with the supply of turbines by the German company Siemens to the Crimea, he said that Russia did not have its own turbines because of the "ugliness of the Soviet economy." He explained that for reasons of economy, the developers made the wrong choice in the 1980s and abandoned the design of efficient turbines. “There was no economy in the savings project,” Chubais said.