A decomposing human body always a scary thing for us. Except for maggots and Cats. Yes, you read that right, and we are not making stories. According to recent studies done by Colorado Dead Body Exploration Research Center, cats have shown quite a bit of interest in human flesh. And the most hurting part is, it has happened for quite a long time for almost 7 weeks! So they didn't behave accidentally.

Case in point: To start this off, the scientists weren't working on the cats' behavior. They were studying the human bodies' transformation after death. However, they find out unexpected conclusion when they went through the videotapes. In this video, scientists noticed that two local feral cats visited the body farm to munch decomposed human corpse.

The most interesting part was, although there were enough bodies, the feral didn't chew every one of them. In fact, they were quite picky in that term! How picky they were? Well, on that body farm, there was a total of 40 corpses. And, those cats were stuck with only two. And each one of them came back every single night to feast on them.

According to the documents, the two bodies were of a woman and man who were dead for 2 weeks at the age of 79 and 70 respectively. According to researchers, it seems like those cats preferred bodies which are in an early phase of decomposition. And the same studies also conclude that they primarily preferred to scavenge from hips, thighs & arms, containing numerous soft tissues.

Since the news came in, the whole cat-loving society went under tremendous shock. How can these cute animals do such thing right? Well, according to veterinarians, people must not get shocked over this. According to them, though we consider cats as pets, ultimately they are predators by nature. And once they get hungry enough, they will begin what other predators do. In fact, there was an incident in 2013 near Southampton, where three ginger tabby cats did consume their owners' body.

Concluding, although it's heartbreaking to even imagine our furry friend chewing our cold flesh, the reality stays the same. Hunger can change the situation and way of thinking. Even there are well-documented situations where humans consumed their own kind. Anyway, according to the researchers, their study was based on only two cats. And no one can draw any conclusion based on two particular cats while there are millions. To make it simple, only two cases cannot be extrapolated to all feral cats. Phew, what a relief! However, in the end, ask yourself if you were hungry, wouldn’t you find ways to survive?


Origin: A creepy experiment showed how cats eat human corpses