We have been literally programmed from childhood to believe that sports and workout is the key ingredient to get into shape. This theory can be proved by going to gyms on January 1! People flock into gyms nationwide to reach their new year resolutions fast by burning down excessive calories. But in truth, the data have been accumulating for years that sports & exercise, while excellent for mental & physical well-being, don't really play an important role in weight loss.

Nutrition - The Way to Lose Weight

One very underappreciated truth about exercise is that even when you work out, the calories you burn only account for an insignificant part of your whole energy expenditure. Despite the fact that routing exercise can fight off and prevent serious diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis, etc. The truth remains the same. You should not consider sports or exercise as an ideal method of losing weight. Neither you should consider sports to compensate for your improper and unbalanced nutrition as well.

According to the article "Discover" and Jennifer Cook, a kinesiologist from York University in Toronto, people may lose a significant amount of weight by limiting their calorie consumption, rather than spending time on a treadmill. Even if you do a regular 30 minutes of exercise, the calories you will burn is not going to help you reduce weight significantly. However, if you know your ways to limit calorie intake, you can reduce 500 to 700 calories without doing anything. To make it short, you should not expect a lot out of the gym, if you are not able to skip those last five bites!

Is it possible to gain weight while doing sports?

Adam started doing regular sports when he was 200 pounds. After 30 days, he rushed to check back to see the result. And now he is close to 215 pounds! But, how? Do not get surprised if this happened to you. Because according to studies, sometimes exercise can lead to the opposite and very surprising results.

A study conducted by scientists of Arizona University among 81 overweight women finds out that regular exercise of 30 minutes didn't help to lose weight. In fact, most of the volunteers become more active and half of them gained weight significantly.

Another study conducted by Louisiana University showed similar results. In this case, scientists experimented with 200 overweight men and women and enrolled in an aerobic exercise program under professional supervision. In the end, they began to consume even more food/ calories in their free time to offset their burned-out calories lost during the workout session. And ultimately, either they stayed like before, or gained extra pounds. But, no one lost weight.


Therefore, people hoping to lose weight with exercise should pay close attention to what they eat every single day. And besides losing weight if you are consuming healthy food and doing a regular workout, you can significantly reduce the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Remember, losing weight is a challenging job. There are no shortcuts to this, and it needs hard work and patience to see results.