From the very beginning of 2020, the whole world is concerned that the coronavirus CoVID-2019 is actively spreading around the world. According to the South China Morning Post, more than 3,200 people have died due to the disease at the time of writing, and this number continues to grow. To reduce the risk of contracting the disease, it is recommended to avoid coughing and sneezing, and wash your hands thoroughly after returning home. But do you know how to do this so that all dangerous bacteria die and rinse into the sink? This was recently told by biologist Miriam Warman, in addition, explaining how you can independently make an antibacterial agent.

Recommendations for handwashing and a recipe for a home antiseptic were shared by Business Insider. Many people may think that using antibacterial agents is much more effective than washing their hands constantly, but this is far from the case. Antiseptics kill microbes well, but they still remain on hand. Therefore, even after using an antiseptic, you must wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.


Handmade antibacterial solution

Usually we always have the opportunity to wash our hands with soap. But with the search for antiseptics in pharmacies, during the epidemic of the coronavirus, problems may arise. According to biologist Miriam Warman, each person can make a good antibacterial agent on their own. The main component of such a solution is alcohol, isopropyl or ethyl. Isopropyl alcohol is most suitable for creating an antiseptic, but alcohol found in vodka and other alcohol can be used for home antiseptics. Only now the alcohol content in them rarely exceeds 40%, and at least 60% is necessary to destroy most bacteria.

After pouring the drink into a separate vessel, it’s necessary to add a few drops of aloe in it, in order to avoid skin irritation. It's important to note that it must be ensured that the concentration of alcohol does not fall even lower than it is. In order not to make a mistake and create the most effective antiseptic, you can take two-thirds of a cup of 91% isopropyl alcohol and add a third of a cup of aloe extract to it. To eliminate the repulsive smell of a homemade antiseptic, you can add about ten drops of any essential oil to the solution.

Also, if desired, at home, you can make disinfectant wipes. To do this, just take a napkin or paper towel, and then soak it with an alcohol solution. With a napkin you can wipe not only your hands, but also objects surrounding you. As often as possible, use a soft rag with alcohol to wipe smartphones, because today they are considered the dirtiest items. Also, don't forget about cleaning door handles and other objects that you come in contact with after returning from the street.

Using antiseptics and washing your hands thoroughly is always important. Indeed, many diseases are transmitted through the hands, even the flu and SARS. By the way, in the future, the coronavirus CoVID-2019 may become a seasonal disease.