There is a lot of political debate regarding the mental and emotional outcomes of abortions in women and men. The different online platform is filled with contents that argue whether women should consider abortion or not. People who disagree with abortion believe that women who chose to go through an abortion intentionally kill the baby.


Advocates of abortion believe there's nothing wrong about it. According to them, women choose to undergo through knife because they do not have the experience or economic prosperity to take care of the baby.


Since abortion is quite a controversial topic today, researchers around the world studying the consequence of abortion on women. Now, these studies not only includes physical consequence, but they go after their mental status as well. Before we begin to discuss more, let us ask you something. Do you believe voluntary refusal to give birth to a child can be the reason for depression in women?


In 2019, Julia Steinberg a reproductive health specialist and her colleagues took a noble decision. They were trying to find out if abortion increased the suicide rate in women who have abandoned their babies or not. They monitored more than 500 women for over 17 years and tracked their mental status regularly. And according to these data, abortion in women doesn't bring in suicidal thoughts in women.


Although women who have gone through abortion have a higher risk for nonfatal suicide attempts, the abortion itself wasn't the trigger, according to the report of a longitudinal cohort study published in Lancet Psychiatry.


How do women relate to abortion?


Despite numerous proven studies, our society mostly believes that sooner or later every woman will regret their decision. This theory was settled by the researchers from the US state of California in a scientific work called Turnaway.


According to "ScienceDirect" a scientific journal, a research was performed on 667 women from 30 different regions of the United States. To learn their mental status clearly, they carried out a survey with them after a week of the abortion and later after two years since the decision was taken.


And the result came like this: 51% of women did not regret their decision a week after the abortion. Most of them felt extremely positive emotions. 20% of women were neutral to their decision and out of all, 17% of women reported their decision of having an abortion. Out of this 17 % of women, few of them later left the survey as well.


To the surprise of the time gone, women become more confident about their earlier decision. 5 years since that day, 84% of participants say they are quite comfortable and didn't even remember that they had to go through an abortion, although they hesitated at first because they thought it was a sinful act. Maybe this kind of thought came to their mind because of our overprotective society?


Major life changes, including undergoing a procedure like abortion, can affect mental health for a certain time. However, with the right kind of therapy and quality support, one can easily come over from the pitfall and live again at their fullest.