What is the most mysterious thing you know about? Area 51? Bermuda Triangle? Black hole? Well, what if we tell you there's something even more mysterious exists on our planet than those three combined? Do you have any clue? Well, don’t get shocked when we tell you that the most mysterious thing is the way our body age!

According to scientists, even if we take into a single human body into account, it is too difficult to understand exactly how aging works. The reason being, according to 2019s’ research from the Stanford University of California, aging is a continuous process and varies from person to person.

The same group also found that our human body just does not age randomly. There is some significant biological pattern we all share when come with growing older. In fact, studies have now proven that we age in 3 significant stages to be precise. The first change starts to happen at 34, then the second one is 60 and the last stage of aging happens in 78 years of our age. Sounds cool, right? But hold on, there’s more!

How do people get old?

The same group of scientists also found that we have mainly four types of aging! They concluded to this decision after collecting 600 signs from the aging body. These four types are immune, metabolic, hepatic and nephrotic. Ah, those medical terms! Those are mouthful, isn't it? Don't worry, if you feel confused and overboard there's a simple answer to those terms.

Metabolic- This condition is related to the buildup and breakdown of substances in the body.

Immune- This describes our immune responses

Hepatic- The way liver function.

Nephrotic- This correlates to the function of our Kidney.

Now, if you are thinking all this information is coming out of one single person. Then you are underestimating the scope of these scientists. Actually, they involved a group of 43 healthy individuals between the ages of 34 & 78. They went through molecular biology markers willingly at least five different times over 2 years. So, yes the scientists did spend quite a lot of time determining how our biological clock exactly works.

According to researchers, there's a possibility that people may experience different types of aging at once. However, it is absolutely certain that one will dominate others. The future of this incredible group is to collect more samples for an even greater understanding of the aging process. If you want to know to do what exactly? Then you are here for a treat!

The scientists are looking to find a new cure. Which can prevent specific health problems and perhaps slow down specific aging processes!

To conclude

The team also stated that they have barely scratched the surface of an iceberg. There's more mystery in the aging process that yet to be discovered. We will obviously wait for the new groundbreaking news. But, for now,the best thing we can do is “Wait”.