Recently the University of Queensland in Australia published the results of research searching for solutions to pain relief. They suggest that spider venom may be the answer. Seven compounds were discovered which could have the ability to block the molecular pathway responsible for sending pain signals from nerves to the human brain.

Researchers studied 205 species of spiders and found that 40 percent of their venoms contained at least one peptide which had the capability of blocking pain. Spider venom has the capability to block the pain signals without side effects.

Of the seven peptides examined, scientists found one which was the most effective in the prevention of navigation of pain to the brain. The researchers are thrilled that a long assumed connection between spider venom and human pain relief is several steps closer to becoming a reality.

Drugs presently designed to relieve pain have limited time use and offer unpleasant side effects. The prescription dosage must constantly be adjusted.

Scientists have been searching for an alternative to pain medications which are limited due to cost, side effects, and dosage. Spider venom may offer a safe and sane solution to a growing problem. Millions of people all over the world suffer from chronic pain and the alternatives have decreased throughout the last decade.

Although further research is necessary, the results of the study have been promising.

By James Turnage


9 News

Photo Courtesy of Glenn

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